Marine Dress Boot

Inspired by Marines WWII era dress boot, we’re trying to offer our kind of re-interpretations. The original shape coming with more rounded and bulky toe boxes also shorter toe-cap, but we’re consider to deviate from the original design by using more narrow and smart-casual toe box.

Built with our ‘Mark’ shoe-last, which is running true to size, this Marine Dress Boot has quadruple quarter  stitching feature using single needle machine, with 270º handwelted-goodyear construction, steel shank, solid brass eyelets, cork-filled nitrile heel, and double leather sole. All work together to make boots that last for a lifetime.

These Marine Dress Boot is the perfect balance of casual and dress boot. We’re leaving the edge trim natural just like it is.

P.S : You can ask us to paint the edge trim into solid or antique colour to get more dressy looks.


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