Marine Dress Boot

Inspired by Marines WWII era dress boot, we’re trying to offer our kind of re-interpretations. The original shape coming with more rounded and bulky toe boxes also shorter toe-cap, but we’re consider to deviate from the original design by using more narrow and smart-casual toe box.

Built with our ‘Mark’ shoe-last, which is running true to size, this Marine Dress Boot has quadruple quarter  stitching feature using single needle machine, with 270º handwelted-goodyear construction, steel shank, solid brass eyelets, cork-filled nitrile heel, and double leather sole. All work together to make boots that last for a lifetime.

These Marine Dress Boot is the perfect balance of casual and dress boot. We’re leaving the edge trim natural just like it is.

P.S : You can ask us to paint the edge trim into solid or antique colour to get more dressy looks.


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Legacy VI – Cigar Pull-Up

Our new Legacy VI  now available in dark brown pull-up with antique finishing. She’s almost everything you need for a pair of shoes.  It’s good looking, it comfortable yet it’s stylishly sturdy.

Classic color with unbeatable configuration as our typical Legacy. Sunny day, rainy night, it’s a perfect companion for your long day festival or your casual late-night hang-out.

Then if you’re looking for the real handsome cowboy, well this is it!

Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 1 Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 2Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 4 Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 3

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Legacy IV – Cigar Pull-Up

If you’re looking for standout performance boots and can be relied on into the wild, but still looks stylish when you back in town, Legacy IV is the solution.

When cheaper boots using cardboard, plastic, and glue, Legacy IV use 9 – 9.5 iron leather for middle sole and inner sole, with handsewn stitchdown construction, it makes the boots waterproof and maximized the flexibility. The upper is flanged out and stitched to the edge of the sole using heavy thread. Totally unbeatable!

Legacy IV use heavy weight 5.25 – 6 Oz Pull-Up leather, with gusseted tongue features, it can makes your favorite socks stay dry when the rain would not go over and force you to break through it.
Can you handle this beast?

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