We have some type of last. Each of these last have a standard sizing, and different fitting, depending on our design goals when we design them. One thing for sure, never tried to put an order based on the size of your Nike shoes! Some of our Last is run larger than standard size (down 1 size) and some Last going true to size. If you live in Indonesia, you do not need to worry, because if you feel that your shoe order has a sizing that does not fit your feet, and you feel like replacing it with another size, you can return the shoes, therefore you can check at “Delivery and Return” menu for more details about our Return Policy.

Therefore, we prefer you to consult in advance with us via email about “what you need” before you commit an order, to ensure that your shoe order come with a snugly fitting, as well as the manner you need.

Edward Last
Edward Last sizing is down 1 size for true size. If you feel you have a normal instep and feet width, and intend to use socks with normal thickness, we suggest one size down from your normal size. But if you have a high instep and wide feet or intend to use extra thick socks or footbed (in this case, you have a normal feet), then please orderer true to size.
Example :
Your true size : EU43D
Edward size : EU42D

Mark Last
Mark Last had a sizing true to size. You do not need to be confused.
Example :
Your true size : EU43D
Mark size : EU43D

Tyler Last
If you think you have a high instep, Tyler Last is perfect for your feet. Tyler is running down 0.5 size for true size. We design this Last for walking and hiking. We encourage you to orderer true size with this last and use a heavy sock in its use, rather than solely to cover the remainder of the 0.5 size, but for your comfort. Tyler used by the design of our Manhood, and trust us, you will need thick socks when using these shoes.
Example :
Your true size: EU43D
Tyler size: EU43D (don’t forget to use heavy socks for best fit)


39 5.5 6.5
40 6.5 7.5
41 7.5 8.5
42 8 9
43 9 10
44 9.5 10.5
45 10.5 11.5
46 11.5 12.5
47 12 13
48 13 14

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