Sagara Indonesia X NoKipple (United Kingdom)

This is our first Ready To Wear article for our retailer from overseas.

NOKIPPLE are deep enthusiasts for high quality, low volume products that at their heart are utilitarian. We despise poorly constructed fashion brands and we believe that there is an essential integrity (and longevity) in the production and enjoyment of products of that rail against mass production and low quality.

Products that are high quality and are made by people who care about the materials, evoke emotion in a way that generic, mass produced items can never do. People that use these types of products care and invest in their ownership of these products. This mutual investment in the production and usage of products can lead to rewarding relationships.

NOKIPPLE want success for our suppliers and ourselves but we have no intention of selling out with high volume/low quality products, every effort will be made to retain the focus on the artisanal qualities of the products we offer and the care that is put into them.

All the NOKIPPLE team have extensive experience in buying high quality products online, we are all deeply sensitive the potential anxieties of buying online – good fitment is the key to getting the best out of your apparel. We will always promptly answer your questions about sizing and measuring.


NOKIPPLE will be a web store & online community project – we want to bring together beautiful and cool clothes and accessories from around the world.

NOKIPPLE believes that we can create a space that promotes excellence and enduring relationships with people from all cultures and places.

NOKIPPLE fights the good fight against the mass marketed and mass produced products that infest our malls and high streets.

Imperial IV - Black NK1

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Sagara Factory Seconds and Sample Sale

e-flyer popup store 1000 pixel 082013 copy
Dear Gentlemen,

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting our first ever pop-up store in association with Tre Bite and Zip that we called “Sagara Factory Seconds and Sample Sale” on August 3-5, 2013.
This event will feature a product from our workshop that didn’t meet to Sagara’s strict standards. We labeled those boots with Factory Seconds. With minor imperfection, these boots are too good to throw up.

And we also offer to you our sample product, since we’re down to this game at 2010, we make a lot of sample boots as a part of our development, and of course, we didn’t want those baby’s drown into loneliness, they need love too, just like us.

This event will feature over 40 pairs of shoes and boots and we offer them to you at discounted price up to 50% depend on the condition of these boots.
This event will closed at August 5th, and start from 07 pm, we’ll do a presentation about our brand, production methods, our vision as a family owned bussiness and commitment to a traditional shoemaking. And there will be a live shoemaking show too presented by myself.

We’re looking forward to see you in person.

Have a nice day!

Bagus Satrio

Imperial IV – Dark Brown Pull-Up

Ever wonder why our Imperial has become our most desirable design? simply because, it brings out every man’s allure just by wearing it.

It’s virile and classy at the same time, who can ever resist that kind of man with this pair of handsome boots? We believe none of the girls, and we bet nor you!

Imperial IV - Dark Brown 1Imperial IV - Dark Brown 3 (natural edge trim) Imperial IV - Dark Brown 2 (wine edge trim)Imperial IV - Dark Brown 4 (natural edge trim)

Legacy VI – Cigar Pull-Up

Our new Legacy VI  now available in dark brown pull-up with antique finishing. She’s almost everything you need for a pair of shoes.  It’s good looking, it comfortable yet it’s stylishly sturdy.

Classic color with unbeatable configuration as our typical Legacy. Sunny day, rainy night, it’s a perfect companion for your long day festival or your casual late-night hang-out.

Then if you’re looking for the real handsome cowboy, well this is it!

Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 1 Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 2Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 4 Legacy VI - Cigar Pull-Up 3

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Combatant I – Tan Rough Out

Boondockers boots is the epitome of those who love vintage military apparel. Boodockers is U.S. marine corps WWII field boots. We try to bring out this vintage model again using our style. Rough out leather upper and micro rubber outsole that has been bonded together using hand-welted goodyear with 360° welt stitching. White upper stitching using heavy thread giving a nice contrast at the upper section.

If you want to add more vintage feeling, you can ask us to add stained effect toe and heel, like we do at MTO boots for Mr. F, he want us to add toe and stained effect with full eyelets and pull loop, you can see the result at the picture below.

Combatant I - Tan Rough Out 1Combatant I - Tan Rough Out 3Combatant I - Tan Rough Out 2

Combatant I - MTO Tan Rough Out 1

Sample picture for stained toe finishing, courtesy from Mr. F Made To Order boots

Capital VI – Black Oiled Nubuck

Oftentimes you have to choose between style and comfort. But there comes a time when you feel so tired to choose one over another. Well, it’s happen to us too. That’s when we finally made the CAPITAL VI for you.

This heart-robbing longwing brogues style coming with black crepe sole and hand-welted Goodyear Construction, giving you the extra comfort and stylish look. This beautiful pair is something more than you could ask for.

Put off your socks, and roll up your pants. Now you’re ready to rocking the street.Capital VI - Black Oiled nubuck IIICapital VI - Black Oiled nubuck ICapital VI - Black Oiled nubuck II

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